D-r Ilia Budev

D-r Ilia Budev

Manager of dental center Vimplant

Specialist Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology

Dr. Elijah Budev graduated from the Medical University - Plovdiv, specializes in oral surgery and six years is a professor in the Department of oral surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry of Mu-Plovdiv. Actively participated in the development of the Department and is part of the study team in writing the most successful textbook for students of the speciality "dental medicine"-oral surgery which is 924 pages. There are over 15 publications in the field of oral hirugiâ and Dental implantology.

Already more than 10 years of work and specialized Dental implantology. There are over 350 clinical cases and placed more than 1300 dental implants. In the first years of his practice learns and gets a high practical skills from distinguished Professor, a specialist in Dental implantology from Milan, Italy, with 7 years work jointly. From here, Dr. Elijah Budev acquires exclusive Western experience in implantologiâta and studied this narrow specialty to the smallest details. Currently working with two of the world's leading implantologični systems-Italian and German. After the placement of dental implants, care and prosthetics on the implants is performed personally by Dr. Elijah Budev, not as in most practices by another doctor protezist. Respect is always the main practical rule in dental implantologiâta that puts the implants, it should makes prosthetics implants. So the responsibility is on the surgeon and proper loading and distribution of d″vkatelnoto pressure on the implants is entirely in the hands of the interveniraŝiâ and other specialist to compromise the stability of the implants and ekzaktnoto treatment.


Sincerely interview Dr. Elias Budev in the most prestigious Bulgarian magazine "Economy"

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